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Immigration & Nationality
We offer advice on Immigration and Nationality related matters and  specialise in the following areas of Immigration and Nationality:

         Home Office & Entry Clearance Procedures

         Work Permits

         Business Investment





         Working Holiday

         Highly Skilled  Migrant  Program

         Right of Abode




We pride ourselves in providing a first class service in this area of law. The Head of the Immigration & Nationality Department, Mohammed Suleman, is also a member of the Law Society's Immigration Law panel.

Immigration and Nationality are two distinct areas of law.  Immigration is a system of law and rules defined by a country, which decides who shall be able to live in that country and under what conditions. Whereas Nationality simply defines the country of which people are citizens and ways in which this can be acquired.

The Immigration Act 1971 is the cornerstone of Immigration Law in the UK. It also gives the Home Secretary the power to make immigration rules.

Over the past few years this area  has ever increasingly  become  complex. The UK Government legislates in this area  of law virtually every other year.  The rules themselves are a minefield for any practitioner let alone for a lay person. It is best practice to seek advice on the particular category before embarking on a formal application often resulting in a refusal.

If you are  about to make an immigration application or you have been refused leave to remain or  a visa then please do not hesitate to contac t us or send us the completed query form.

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